Automate Shipping Strategies with a Transportation Management System

automate shipping strategies

Automate Shipping Strategies with a Transportation Management System

customer demands free returnsAs online shopping rises in popularity, it’s now more important than ever for eCommerce stores to automate shipping strategies with a transportation management system.(TMS). Consumers are growing accustomed to the fast, free, and reliable shipping services that they receive from companies like Amazon Prime, and are expecting the same caliber of efficiency from every online store that they purchase from. Nothing screams “I’m never shopping here again” like a missing package or one that takes ages for a customer to receive.

Some of the biggest pains companies experience when trying to find the best shipping solutions are reducing their shipping costs on diverse parcel and enhancing the post-purchase customer experience. Nowadays, these issues are difficult to solve unless businesses invest in SaaS shipping solutions. Platforms that optimize shipping strategies give companies a competitive advantage by reducing costs, increasing profit margins and minimizing stress through logistics automation and intelligence. An example of a transportation management system that helps businesses achieve these goals is ShipHawk.


Print Parcel Return Labels: Product Update – November 2016

Product Update - August 2017

Print Parcel Return Labels with ShipHawk

Product Update – November 2016

Shopping online is convenient, but has a higher level of risk of return. As much as 30% of all orders processed online are returned. This is almost triple the amount of returns made from in-store purchases, which is traditionally closer to 8 or 9%.

Customers want a hassle-free return policy and are more likely to purchase an item if there is a guaranteed, easy return option. Boost your eCommerce business by taking advantage of ShipHawk’s parcel return label feature.

When you are shipping large volumes of small parcels, a greater incidence of returns is to be expected. A modern transportation management system (TMS) can handle outgoing shipments and incoming returns simultaneously. This mitigates error and boosts efficiency, while reducing the cost of manual returns processing.

Pre-Generated Return Labels

We allow customers to generate pay-on-use parcel return labels for FedEx, UPS, and USPS. This feature gives you the option to include a return label with the initial shipment to the customer. 

Product Update - November 2016

ShipHawk’s dashboard makes it easy to print your own pre-paid return labels for customers. Simply click on the desired shipment and then click “Print Return Labels” on the right. The system automatically generates the label using the information previously input for the shipment.

If you choose not to include the label with the shipment, you can send the customer the label after the product is received, as well.

Streamlining your eCommerce return process reduces error, increases efficiency and boosts productivity. Learn more about returns and other shipping features included in ShipHawk’s Smart TMS here.