Announcing Our New Shipping Solutions for Retailers (Did Someone Say Free?)

new shipping solutions

New Shipping Solutions for Retailers

It’s an incredibly dynamic time in the retail industry. Mobile commerce has taken the lead influencing how people buy, users are discovering content in new ways, retailers are experimenting with omni-channel strategies, there’s a race to own the “one-click” transaction, on-demand services have mushroomed, and customers are buying everything from clothes and electronics to appliances and furniture online.


Early Winners in Supply Chain Automation

Technology in supply chain

Supply Chain Automation Starters

In the early days of ShipHawk, investors hadn’t yet realized the immense opportunity to fundamentally change transportation and logistics through technology. There weren’t many startups, and there were very few investments. Much of the conversation was that there hadn’t been much of a change since “we ditched the horse and buggy for a truck.”


Why is it so Difficult to Determine the Full Cost of Shipping?

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What does it cost to ship?  From the outside, the question seems innocent, innocuous even. Our world revolves around costs, so how could they be so difficult to determine? Every day people are easily accessing and comparing the costs of new cars, real estate, electronics, cupcakes, airfare, groceries and gasoline. So shouldn’t it be easy to access the same information about the full cost of shipping?