The Demand for Free Returns

customer demands free returns

The average American consumer spends $1,804 a year shopping online. Alongside this immense amount of spending comes increased consumer demands. Retailers have already seen an influx of requests for same-day delivery, which has forced them to innovate their supply chains in order to accommodate this “on-demand” generation of buyers. Another online shopper demand is free returns for their purchases. With companies like Zappos, Nordstrom, and Amazon offering free returns on purchases, it makes customers expect that every online retailer should offer free returns. This consumer demand has led to about 49% of online retailers are now offering free returns on shipping, according to a study done by the National Retail Federation.


Innovations in the Supply Chain

Methods of delivery for supply chain distribution.

Most brick-and-mortar retailers are looking for ways to innovate their supply chains to accommodate eCommerce, which is the largest growth channel within the omnichannel approach. “The largest U.S. retailers reported strong online sales in their second-quarter earnings reports this week, extending a trend that has seen e-commerce revenue expand far faster than store sales, and several said they are making strides in delivering goods to consumers more profitably,” writes Loretta Chao of The Wall Street Journal. In fact, one of the largest american retailers Target has seen the massive opportunity presented by the surge of eCommerce and is reinventing its supply chain in order to keep up with customer demand with more precise delivery windows.