Modern TMS vs. Legacy TMS

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How Your Business Can Benefit From a Modern TMS Supply chain and transportation management is about improving efficiency and increasing profitability in a big way. A legacy transportation management system (TMS) was designed for the framework and technology that existed read more

Multi-Carrier, Multi-Mode TMS Software

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A Multi-Carrier, Multi-Mode TMS Solution If your company uses multiple carriers to ship products, you know how potentially complicated – and costly – this can be. If you are scaling, you may be experiencing this issue for the first time, and finding yourself increasingl read more

Why Utilize Packing Algorithms?

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Packing Algorithm. When you say it out loud it sounds pretty fancy. Definitely wins the wow factor. But what is it? What’s the point? Well, for our enterprise customer who utilizes this service, it has been a godsend. So let’s break it down and define it as simply as possible: A packing algorithm will tell you how to most efficiently pack an item. You’re probably thinking… “Well I can that out figure it out! I don’t need a computer to tell me how to pack an item!” While that may be the case, there have also been many times where the lack of a packing algorithm led to less than efficient packaging strategies. 

Exhibit A: Rogue Fitness

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The above was packed by an employee at a multi-million dollar fitness equipment company. I guarantee you this isn’t the first and only time. By not utilizing packing optimization and not selecting the correct box size based on the item’s dimensional weight, this company lost out on profit margins that could have easily been saved. While a couple dollars saved here and there may seem minuscule, when you consider hundreds of boxes, shipped out every day with the wrong packing dimensions, a few dollars can turn into thousands, and thousands can turn into millions lost, all due to inefficient packing.

If only there was a software that showed me what the proper size box, padding, bubble wrap, void fill etc. to use… Well ShipHawk is the only shipping company with a patented packing algorithm that will take any item and do exactly that. To pack a chandelier, it will tell you what size crate to use, how many rolls of large or small bubble wrap to use, how many scoops of peanuts and best of all how much it will cost. No matter what item it is, what size or weight it is, or what material it is made out of, ShipHawk’s ability to plug and play item characteristics always ensures the most cost efficient packaging each time.

So why waste time and money – 2 things we never have enough of? Let’s ShipHawk help ease the shipping burden of your shoulders. Stop wasting valuable resources and equip yourself with the only tool that will help you get ahead of the competition.

What are the benefits of ShipHawk’s Shipping API?


In the shipping world today, there are a lot of unknowns and an increasing lack of visibility. ShipHawk’s API aims to remove the pain that stems from shipping and creates countless benefits for customers. The evolution of eCommerce has allowed inventories to become more diverse and caused customer expectations to rise, making distribution more challenging than ever.

You can leverage the ShipHawk shipping API to bypass manual steps and ship with confidence.

Our rating engine is at the core of our API. Our tech goes out and compares shipping rates with over 200 carriers. From there, you have the power to control what rate responses to include or not.

Our carrier network includes multiple shipping avenues, from parcel and LTL, to home delivery and blanket wrap. And if you’d like to use your own negotiated rates with specific carriers, we allow you to do so, simply and seamlessly.

We also help to remove the guess work out of packing costs. We utilize our packaging optimization algorithm to provide an estimated packing cost to each rate. This feature helps save time and money by ensuring that products are packaged in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. The option of charging the end-customer for packing is your decision and easy to manage with available filters.

Our goal at ShipHawk is to remove the burdens and friction that currently exists in the shipping world. ShipHawk’s shipping API provides you with tools to streamline processes and optimize your customer’s shipping experience. With access to hundreds of carriers, fully landed rates, and the ShipHawk Intelligence Engine, our software gives you control over a process that has long been time consuming, costly and uncertain. 

Product Announcement:
Introducing our New Shopify and Magento Plugins

ShipHawk Shopify and Magento Plugins

Over the last six months we’ve talked with many of our customers and prospects about their shipping needs. The most common feedback we heard was that they wanted the power of the ShipHawk Platform in the ‘plug-and-play’ architecture of their Shopify or Magento storefront.   

Today, you can have just that. We’re excited to announce our new ShipHawk Magento Extension and ShipHawk Shopify App. Both give retailers access to powerful back-end automation and an integrated front-end experience, with minimal-to-no development effort.