The ShipHawk Shipping API vs EDI

ShipHawk Shipping API vs EDI

Real-Time Rating Solution ShipHawk is an API-driven transportation management system, or “TMS” for short. ShipHawk’s suite of APIs automate  shipping and fulfillment by making complex, real-time, data-driven decisions. Real-time, data-driven shipping solutions can have read more

Help is Here: The Best Shipping Software Available

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Help is Here: The Best Shipping Software Available

New_ShipHawkButton_DRKBLUEOver the last few months, I’ve talked to several new and emerging eCommerce companies, from small to medium size, each with a unique model. When they get to me it’s usually about getting their store configured properly or technical questions. In any case, they all seem to have a common need or theme: I need in-cart rating, I need visibility, I need order fulfillment, I need carrier diversity and that’s why I’m giving ShipHawk a shot. I was curious so I asked one of these eCommerce companies how they currently do things. His response blew me away.

He told me about a recent customer the other day who had purchased some large doors. To get his customer a rate, he had to call a single carrier, give him all the info for the shipment and then wait for a quote. Over an hour later, he got a call back. Then he had to call his customer to confirm the pricing would work for him.  After 4 failed attempts to reach him, he finally got the go ahead. He then had to call the carrier back to book the shipment. It was painful enough listening to it that I could not imagine doing this on a daily basis.

Knowing this, I was sure he was skeptical when he came to ShipHawk. However, in less than a few minutes he had his Shopify store connected to ShipHawk’s platform and was getting in-cart rating. Yes, you read that right. In LESS THAN A FEW MINUTES. The process that would sometimes take half a day was now being done in seconds. His customers could log on, add those same 2 doors to their cart and they’d be able to see real time, accurate pricing from a host of carriers. As expected, he was elated.

This got me thinking about how many other businesses out there are failing to optimize their shipping strategies and thus inhibiting their own growth. How many companies are falling victim to cart abandonment? How many are having to go through the tedious process of manual rate shopping? How many just simply need help with shipping? I’m here to let you know that help is here (Cue the drum roll): ShipHawk.

ShipHawk is the best shipping software today. The most powerful. A platform that reduces costs, improves conversions rates, and puts you, the retailer, back in control of your margins. It really is that simple.  

Why Businesses Should Be Rate Shopping

rate shopping

Why Businesses Should Be Rate Shopping

Shipping can often be an overwhelming process. With so many different types of carriers, rates, services and regulations, it’s easy to understand why many customers opt to choose the first carrier that comes to sight without really doing the research to find the best rate. While it may be more time efficient to settle with the first adequate carrier, a more cost-efficient way to ship packages is through rate shopping.

Rate shopping is the process of comparing different carriers– such as UPS, FedEx and USPS–to find the cheapest shipping rate for the same delivery experience. This means that instead of immediately choosing one carrier, you research several different carriers, delivery formats and service levels to find the lowest rate that still delivers the package by the expected delivery date. Shipping-Software-for-Executives_Data-Driven-Decision-MakingRates are dependent on various characteristics, such as dim weight, fuel charge, residential surcharges, freight class, and unit types, all of which carriers charge different prices for. By strategically researching and prioritizing these components, customers can avoid high margin loss when they pick the cheapest possible delivery service. In fact, rate shopping has been accredited to reducing shipping costs by up to 30%. In addition to increasing company profit, money saved in shipping relations can also increase customer acquisition rates. By providing the cheapest shipping rates, businesses are better able to maintain a competitive edge through marketing shipping, such as offering free shipping to increase eCommerce sales.


What are the benefits of ShipHawk’s shipping API?

ShipHawk's shipping API

What are the benefits of ShipHawk’s shipping API?

In the shipping world today, there are a lot of unknowns and an increasing lack of visibility. ShipHawk’s shipping API aims to remove the pain that stems from shipping and creates countless benefits for customers. The evolution of eCommerce has allowed inventories to become more diverse and caused customer expectations to rise, making distribution more challenging than ever.

You can leverage ShipHawk’s shipping API to bypass manual steps and ship with confidence.

Our rating engine is at the core of our API. Our tech goes out and compares shipping rates with over 200 carriers. From there, you have the power to control what rate responses to include or not.

Our carrier network includes multiple shipping avenues, from parcel and LTL, to home delivery and blanket wrap. And if you’d like to use your own negotiated rates with specific carriers, we allow you to do so, simply and seamlessly.

We also help to remove the guess work out of packing costs. We utilize our packaging optimization algorithm to provide an estimated packing cost to each rate. This feature helps save time and money by ensuring that products are packaged in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. The option of charging the end-customer for packing is your decision and easy to manage with available filters.

Our goal at ShipHawk is to remove the burdens and friction that currently exists in the shipping world. ShipHawk’s shipping API provides you with tools to streamline processes and optimize your customer’s shipping experience. With access to hundreds of carriers, fully landed rates, and the ShipHawk Intelligence Engine, our software gives you control over a process that has long been time consuming, costly and uncertain.