Feature Release – May 2017

Product Update - August 2017

Product Update – May 2017

We are continually rolling out new features to ensure your store has the latest tools. This is what’s new in your TMS 2.0 toolbox.

1. Infrastructure Expanded to Support Popular Sales Channels

Not everyone in the eCommerce business solely leverages a branded website to sell their products. I spoke with a representative from MightySkins, an online retailer of Amazon Echo skins and other device wraps, and was told that 20-25% of the company’s sales come from the MightySkins Amazon store. This is not an isolated incident as more and more companies are moving to multiple sales channels. We know this and we’ve rolled out new features to accommodate modern retailers.

Product Update May 2017

Our infrastructure now supports Netsuite, eBay, Amazon Vendor Central, Amazon Seller Central, and 3PL Central order integration. You now have the flexibility to easily integrate ShipHawk with these ERP’s, eCommerce marketplaces, and WMS systems. These integrations alleviate the need to use multiple 3rd party systems in place for order fulfillment. Instead, you can leverage ShipHawk to aggregate all carriers in one place, streamlining the order fulfillment process.

2. New Support for Order Line Item Verification via Bar-Code Scan

An automated transportation management strategy shouldn’t just make your job easier – your warehouse workers and your customers should reap the rewards as well. Therefore, we’ve added support for order line item verification to create compatibility with a bar-code scanner. This streamlines the fulfillment process for warehouse employees while adding more customer visibility on exactly what is sent in individual packages.

3. Packing Slip Support Now Includes Dynamic Rendering Using Custom References

Sending everyone the same generic packing slip or utilizing additional services to brand and personalize yours is no longer an issue. ShipHawk has extended our support for packing slips to include dynamic rendering that uses custom references. Use tags to create a further automated, white-label branded, personalized end customer experience without the need for 3rd party services or printing your own shipping materials.

4. Fully-Enhanced Shipment Quote Flow Using Auto-fill

With the technology available today, you shouldn’t have to do anything manually, including shipping quotes. ShipHawk has completely rewritten our new shipment quote flow to utilize account-level presets to auto-fill any attribute commonly used in the process. Now you have an extremely fast and efficient way to generate cost quoted for your customers, a quicker way to create new shipments, and you can cut down on data-entry of repetitive information. 

Product Update May 2017

5. Completely Rebuilt Order and Shipment History Systems

When multiple orders are placed at one time, your processes shouldn’t be affected. So, we’ve rebuilt our Order History and Shipment History infrastructure to support the grouping of items based on any secondary sort criteria. Now, you can easily group and process similar orders at one time. Move more efficiently through a fulfillment workflow by simply grabbing a group of SKUs and packing them immediately.

Product Update May 2017

Product SKUs: Product Update – April 2016

Product Update - August 2017

Product SKUs: Import, Export Enrich, and Optimize

Product Update – April 2016

This month, we released the Products tab (and APIs) on ShipHawk. With our Products tools, you can upload SKU data into ShipHawk and leverage this information throughout the platform to streamline your pre- and post- order workflows.

Historically, you had to manage this information outside of the platform; now, ShipHawk can be your central source of truth for all shipping related product information – so you can leverage data you already have on hand and, together, we can enrich your products.

With Products, you can: 


Import products from eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento


Handle Products that need to be shipped in more than one box (ex. “3 pc. sectional sofa”)


Enrich critical product specific shipping data:

      -Shipping dimensions (to avoid costly dimensional weight                    issues)

      -Shipping weight

      -Freight class

      -NMFC codes

      -Country of manufacture

      -Harmonization codes


Associate Products with specific originating locations (warehouses, distributors, individual sellers, etc.)

Learn more about ShipHawk’s TMS can do here.

Early Winners in Supply Chain Automation

Technology in supply chain, Early Winners

Supply Chain Automation Starters

In the early days of ShipHawk, investors hadn’t yet realized the immense opportunity to fundamentally change transportation and logistics through technology. There weren’t many startups, and there were very few investments. Much of the conversation was that there hadn’t been much of a change since “we ditched the horse and buggy for a truck.”


Logistics Automation: Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

The American Dream has shifted throughout time, and nowadays, we reach for the life that means consistent cash flow, flexible hours, and minimal stress. In other words, we want what is nearly impossible to obtain when it comes to success. Nearly impossible, but not impossible.

In the eCommerce world, this dream has become more of a reality thanks to the concept of drop shipping. Having a customer base that continually orders online = a consistent cash flow; utilizing automated software to provide experience and efficiency = flexible hours; and creating partnerships that you can trust to handle deliveries = minimal stress.


The Online Shopping Cart of Tomorrow

The Online Shopping Cart of Tomorrow

One of my favorite adventures circa de childhood was going grocery shopping with my mom. As a sultry, but charming kid, I would often see if I could fill the cart with forbidden items—cereal with marshmallows, bags of candy or an array of cookies. I rarely got past her seemingly constant gaze, but if I did, my dreams were ruined by the time we got to the checkout stand. She knew exactly what was on her list, and it did not include my fantasy-filled edibles.