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BEDGEAR is a leading performance bedding manufacturer and distributor committed to providing innovative, high quality, and sustainable bedding products to help its customers have a recovering sleeping experience that prepares them for the next day ahead. Its products include mattress protectors, pillows, and sheets. Founded in 2009, BEDGEAR is committed to sustainability efforts and does so by reducing its environmental impact via its Carbon Neutral Initiative.

Benefits and Key Outcomes


Reduced overall rate of shipping errors

Increased customer satisfaction from 98.1 to 99.4%

Increased visibility due to real-time dashboards and analytics

Unified shipping solution

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After initially selecting a different shipping software, the team at BEDGEAR quickly realized that it needed an advanced solution to meet their business needs. One challenge the team faced was needing to reduce shipping spend but there was no way to automatically compare carrier rates or transit times, which made it difficult to make the best shipping decisions on behalf of its customers.

Shipping errors were also a challenge that the team wanted to eliminate. Prior to using ShipHawk, BEDGEAR only had one item verification process which took place when the item was picked. Unfortunately, there was no automated verification so the team had to rely on manual quality checks at the shipping station which resulted in infrequent but costly incorrect products being shipped.

Another error that BEDGEAR wanted to eliminate was orders being sent to the wrong address. When an order would come into NetSuite, the team had to manually type or copy and paste the address into a carrier portal, which sometimes resulted in an order being sent to the wrong address. Not only was this an inefficient use of time that stopped BEDGEAR from increasing throughput, but it also meant BEDGEAR had to pay to reship the correct products and customer sentiment took a hit.


With the support of ShipHawk, BEDGEAR hasn’t just reduced the rate of errors, but more importantly, they’ve been able to improve the customer experience and in doing so, have increased customer satisfaction from 98.1% to 99.4%. The BEDGEAR and ShipHawk partnership has helped elevate BEDGEAR’S operation from good to world-class.

Since utilizing ShipHawk, BEDGEAR has improved operational efficiency through customized shipping workflows and business rules that fit its needs. In gaining visibility to its shipping operations through real-time reporting, BEDGEAR was able to identify areas for cost savings and transform its previous manual shipping processes to a much more streamlined, automated shipping operation. One specific benefit is a 92% decrease in the shipping error that involved the incorrect shipping method being used for customer accounts.

An additional win was a 75% reduced rate of error. BEDGEAR no longer has errors with orders being sent to the wrong address due to a streamlined integration with NetSuite. Now, ShipHawk automatically syncs the correct shipping address from NetSuite to the shipment and removes the need for duplicate data entry, resulting in reduced shipping errors, costs and increased customer satisfaction

Using ShipHawk’s pack verification functionality, the BEDGEAR team is now able to scan items when packing them into a box to ensure the correct items were picked. ShipHawk automatically and clearly shows when an unexpected item is scanned, allowing BEDGEAR to catch mispicks before they leave the warehouse. What’s more, this verification process doesn’t require any manual quality checks at the shipping station.

With the use of ShipHawk’s configurable business rules, the BEDGEAR team is able to create rules that require a carrier to receive a customer’s signature upon delivery to ensure an order is delivered to the correct recipient. Since this is automated by rules, the customer’s requirement is consistently met and there’s never a need to remember to add the signature required accessorial to every shipment.