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Case Study:

Government Procurement Contractor


As a government procurement and logistics contractor, this customer is a leading US government supplier with global distribution needs. Today, the customer is a distributor for over 11,000 manufacturers and stocks over 700,000 products in distribution centers and warehouses worldwide.

Benefits and Key Outcomes

Reduced shipping costs by $300k / month

Reduced process times by 10 minutes / LTL

Increased asset delivered LTL shipments from 0 to 3,000/month

Automated order routing by warehouse


Supplier & Distributor

Prior Solution






“We converted our entire European fulfillment operation to ShipHawk. Without it, we might be dead in the water.”

-eCommerce Manager


The number of challenges the shipping team experienced continued to expand as quickly as the company was growing. Before ShipHawk:

  • The customer was unable to accurately assess shipping costs on a per-transaction basis
  • Customer experience was suffering due to inefficient tracking capabilities
  • Mislabeling shipments to military facilities can lead to substantial fines and could potentially result in removal from military procurement programs

The absence of effective shipping management negatively impacted the entire shipping process.


ShipHawk dramatically reduced fulfillment processing times. The ShipHawk platform enabled the customer to sync all order details in real-time, giving the team visibility across all channels. The seamless NetSuite integration made vital shipping information including accurate tracking details, the cost of individual packages, and the cost of entire shipments easily accessible.

Additionally, the customer was able to reduce shipping costs by automating order routing by warehouse based on factors such as destination and real-time inventory at each location.

Specific to parcel shipping with FedEx, ShipHawk enabled the team to reduce order processing times by 50% by
cutting down the number of steps required to fill each order, streamlining the entire fulfillment process. ShipHawk made previously inaccessible shipping cost data (not available via the native NetSuite FedEx integration) accessible and actionable.

Major time savings for Less-ThanTruckload (LTL) shipments were also realized. “We save a minimum of 10 minutes a shipment here and once again, ShipHawk gives us shipping cost data,” said an eCommerce Manager at the company. Further, since implementing ShipHawk, the customer started delivering shipments with company-owned trucks. Today, the company is shipping approximately 3,000 LTL shipments a month.

The result of utilizing ShipHawk was a new, centralized management system that allows the customer to remove unnecessary and time-intensive manual processes and
increased IT bandwidth.

“We save a minimum of 10 minutes a shipment here and once again, ShipHawk gives us shipping cost data.”

-eCommerce Manager

Packing Optimization Software for NetSuite

“ShipHawk saves us about 50% of time versus using the FedEx integration in NetSuite. This is for a variety of factors, but mainly, less clicks, less pages…everything is more streamlined.”

-eCommerce Manager