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Case Study:

Sotheby’s Home


Sotheby’s Home, formerly Viyet, is the design aficionado’s destination to buy and sell timeless furniture and accessories. Specializing in vintage and antique furniture, contemporary art, decorative objects, prints and accessories, Sotheby’s Home makes it easy to buy and sell high-end consignment furniture through an online marketplace.

Benefits and Key Outcomes


Lower shipping costs


shopping cart conversions by including shipping prices in the cart


manual efforts with automation and allowed 2 employees to work on higher value growth projects


into new markets with an expanded carrier network



Acquired by Sotheby’s



Retail – Furniture


“ShipHawk is a game-changer for us. It eliminates the work we are doing manually, and its pricing automation technology ensures we are getting the best rate for our customers.”

Elizabeth Brown,
CEO of Sotheby’s Home


Manual Shipping Process Created Cost / Margin Exposure

Sotheby’s Home was faced with the challenge of closing the gap between the price they quoted their customers for shipping and the amount they were ultimately billed by the provider.

“It was two of our team members’ full-time job to organize shipments. They would call at least three different providers to ensure we got competitive pricing, then would handhold the shipment every step of the way. It was very hands-on, manual, and time-consuming,” said Elizabeth Brown, CEO of Sotheby’s Home.

Sotheby’s Home margin suffered on most orders because the company had no way to accurately pass along the cost of shipping to their customers. “We hard-coded costs we thought it was safe to charge, and we were always overcharging a little bit to cover ourselves, but in doing so, we were hitting our buyers with the extra fee,” Brown said.


Instant, Accurate, Service-Appropriate Shipping Rates Directly in Cart

By integrating the ShipHawk Platform via the Magento plug-in, Sotheby’s Home is able to receive real-time pricing based on their item size, service requirements, and shipping policies; and display it to customers at the point of sale.

The automation ShipHawk’s software provides allowed Sotheby’s Home to transition two full-time employees from logistics roles to sales and client service positions. “Every minute they were spending scheduling a shipment was a minute they weren’t spending with a customer, pushing them through the funnel and making a sale,” Brown said.

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“[Before ShipHawk], every minute [our team] was spending scheduling a shipment was a minute they weren’t spending with a customer, pushing them through the funnel and making a sale."

Elizabeth Brown,
CEO of Sotheby’s Home