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How To Estimate Shipping Costs

Estimate Shipping Costs - Why is it so hard estimating shipping costs? Packing calculators and shipping estimators are not just lying around the house. Look around your room and pick any table. Let's pretend you have to ship that table. What are you going to do? I know you aren't going to walk into your neighborhood Post Office with it, so they are out. Moving companies have minimums that can be as much as 2000# and I've seen few tables that weigh anywhere close to that much, so they are out too. Maybe the local UPS Store? Even though UPS has a vast network and the capacity to transport items big and small, most UPS Stores are not equipped to handle furniture shipping. FedEx Office definitely can't handle it since they only pack small items.

Estimate Shipping Costs Problem #1

  • My item is big, heavy or hard to handle.
  • Where do I take it?
  • The item I need to ship won't fit inside my vehicle.
  • There is no local office I can speak with.

estimate shipping costsA reasonable next step might be to consult Google. We trust them with everything else, why not this? After typing in several keyword phrases - how to estimate shipping costs - you finally come up with a company who can ship your table. You fill out their online quote form and somebody calls you back a couple hours later. You give them some more information and they promise to get back to you soon with shipping estimates. A couple hours go by and the phone rings. What did all that work and the past two hours get you? One quote that seems ridiculous. But you don't really know if it is ridiculous or not. You have nothing to compare it against. So you start the entire process over again. All of this to estimate cost of shipping? In 2012? With the genius of the internet at your fingertips? This is insane!

Problem #2

  • Each agent I call only gives me one quote.
  • Why does it take 2 days to get me a shipping cost estimate?
  • Who are these guys? I can only speak to someone at an 800#.

ShipHawk is different. ShipHawk, via its genius packing calculator and shipping calculator, estimates shipping costs instantly. No waiting. No phone calls. ShipHawk also gives you options. Instead of getting one choice from one guy, ShipHawk gives you shipping costs from multiple carriers. ShipHawk displays all the service options offered by each carrier as well.


  • Instant quotes.
  • Options and comparisons.
  • Packing and shipping quotes in one place.
  • I don't even have to get off the couch to process a shipment.
  • Estimated shipping costs are not just for furniture either. ShipHawk's packing calculator and shipping calculator shows prices for envelopes, luggage, clothing, bicycles, furniture, instruments, tools, and more. Our database is comprised of thousands of everyday items that are available for quick reference. Are you shipping down the street or across the country? ShipHawk aggregates shipping costs from carriers all over the country before returning the details to you. With ShipHawk you will always be able to make an informed decision and select the best method for your shipment.

    Written by: Jeremy Bodenhamer