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Account Overview

Nov 29, 2017 | 1 comment

Video Transcription:

In this video, we’ll give you a quick account overview, and run through some of the most important features you have access to with ShipHawk. Starting on your dashboard, we can look at an overview of your orders and see shipments for your desired timeline. At a glance, we can evaluate carrier performance and view which tasks can be completed. The fixed bar across the top of your screen includes orders and shipments where you can create both new shipments and orders, and view the status of those in progress, as well as those that have been delivered. Moving on, we get to the “Products” tab, in which you can use new or updated products used to your account.

The final tab is titled “Reports”. Here you can create shipment reports for a specific date or date range. The last feature we’ll move onto is the “Carriers” page. We can access this by clicking on the gear icon and selecting “Carriers” from the drop-down list. This takes us to the “Carriers Integrations” page where we can add your account information for all carrier types. In addition to this quick account overview that only scratches the surface of the full capabilities of your account, you can find more detailed overviews of specific features in the accompanying videos.

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