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How to Book a Freight Shipment

Nov 29, 2017 |

Video Transcription:

This video will lay out the steps to book a freight shipment. Starting at your ShipHawk dashboard, select “Shipments” from the bar across the top of the web page. Click on “create new shipment”. Enter your origin and destination shipping information, ensuring all information is correct. Next, update the package dimensions. We’ll be shipping a pallet that weighs 250 pounds. Choose any accessorials that are necessary, as well as any reference numbers. When ready, click “next” to move onto the rate selection page. Here we can select the rate that works best for us. Click on the arrow to view a more in-depth pricing breakdown. When you have confirmed the pricing, click “continue” to move onto the shipping information page. Make sure all shipping details are accurate, and enter any pickup and delivery instructions. Once ready, click “next”. Review all of the booking information, and then click “book shipment”. Your freight shipment is now on its way to its destination.

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