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How to Use Scan Scan Print

Dec 4, 2017 | 1 comment

Video Transcription

This video will go over how to use the scan-scan-print workflow in ShipHawk. Before we can get started, it’s important to ensure that your thermal label printer and dimensioner are configured and working in settings, so please check out our other videos if you need help setting those up. We also need to make sure that the button labeled, “Auto print labels on booking a shipment” is turned on in the printer settings page. Once you’ve completed this setup, you’re ready to begin. Within ShipHawk, click into the orders tab at the top of your web page. Next, click into any order to display those order details; this ensures that ShipHawk is paying attention when you scan. As you might have already figured out, the scan-scan-print workflow consists of only three steps. First, scan the order barcode. Your screen should refresh with the new order. Next, place the package on your connected scale or dimensioner. Scan the box, and both the dimensions and weight will be sent into ShipHawk. With this information, we’ll choose the optimal carrier for that shipment, book it, and the label will print out automatically. All that’s left for you to do is place the label on the box. Now you’re ready to start using scan-scan-print with ShipHawk!

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