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Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation for high-volume shippers. Remove manual processes and boost throughput.

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The problem

“I want an efficient fulfillment operation. I don’t want to rely on warehouse workers to make critical decisions that impact my customer experience or bottom line.”

We know that you feel pressured by demanding and expensive shipping expectations.

In order to meet them, you need the right shipping software. The problem is, most software relies on warehouse workers making the right decisions.

We understand. We’ve done it the hard way too which is why we built ShipHawk.

Losing on Fulfillment

How does ShipHawk work?

ShipHawk automates order fulfillment from your ERP.

Our proprietary packing and shipping algorithms ensure that every order:

  • Is shipped from the right warehouse
  • Is packed in the most cost effective box
  • Is sent with the best carrier and service
  • Based on your established rates and desired transit time
  • And the data is reported back for real-time analytics


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Automate intelligent decision making

Most businesses spend a ton of time and money trying to ship orders more efficiently. Our shipping software helps automate order fulfillment and eliminate worker decisions so businesses can take control of their warehouse operations.

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The result

5X order throughput and decrease shipping costs by up to 25% – without adding headcount.

With ShipHawk you get:

  • Smart Packing™
  • Smart Rate Shopping
  • Rules-based shipping engine
  • Multi-warehouse optimization
  • Support for drop shippers
  • Ship from store support
  • Support for multiple online storefronts
  • Parcel and freight in one platform
  • Rating for all inventory types
  • Shipping documentation
  • On-brand track and trace
  • Real-time analytics and customized reporting
  • Integration with your ERP


Parcel and LTL in one centralized platform →

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The Result of Warehouse Automation

With or without "robots"

There are many robotic and hardware components supporting pick, pack and ship. These tools can be imperative to successful warehouse automation efforts.

ShipHawk supports:

  • Scales
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Dimensioners


Supplementary hardware may provide additional automation value within your pack and ship workflows. These devices may be independent of your fulfillment software. Our API is available for custom integrations.

Please talk to a sales rep to see if your hardware is supported.

Efficiency with or without robots

Our Powerful Dashboard puts you in Control

Manage your end-to end-shipping experience through a single, unified interface.