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Case Study:


See how ShipHawk has helped Ergomotion increase operational efficiency by more than 100% while reducing their average cost per order.


The benefits of finding the right shipping partner for every package:

How Ergomotion is increasing their efficiency by more than 100% while reducing their average cost per order.

Since its launch in 2005, Santa Barbara based, Ergomotion has relentlessly built a culture of innovation, superior product design and industry-best service to push every boundary of functionally beautiful living spaces. Today, Ergomotion sells adjustable foundations for top-selling brands like Serta, Beautyrest, Tempurpedic and more, world-wide.

Learn how ShipHawk’s automation and intelligence platform helps Ergomotion save money, increase operational efficiencies, and gain data-driven insights throughout their fulfillment process.

Benefits and Key Outcomes


Increased efficiency


Average shipment cost reduction

Faster order processing times than pre-ShipHawk

No limit

to the number of service providers they can now add with no technical overhead


manual entry for international shipments


Furniture Manufacturing


Santa Barbara, CA


“ShipHawk empowered us to increase our operational efficiency by more than 100% and is reducing our average shipment cost by more than 13%!”

Kyle Muench,
VP Operations for Ergomotion


Ergomotion was single sourcing their parcel shipping service with UPS. To support their operation, they took advantage of UPS’ powerful on-premise solution, UPS Worldship, to process orders as they were created and synchronized from their ERP.

While this enabled Ergomotion to grow and scale their parcel operation, it also limited their productivity and ability to drive down costs. They were limited to only using UPS, regardless of how their customer concentration and order processing need changed over time. Ergomotion sought out a platform to reduce costs, increase efficiency and offer the flexibility they needed to support a growing, thriving operation.

At Ergomotion, our customers are our top priority. While UPS has been a great provider for us and continues to be, we really needed the flexibility to work with carriers and services that both drive our costs down and fulfill our customers’ needs.”
– Nikunj Patel, Customer Service Manager for Ergomotion


Enter ShipHawk. ShipHawk offered Ergomotion powerful shipping automation and order fulfillment software that gave them the ability to leverage their long standing relationship with UPS while also bringing other national and regional carriers into the mix without increasing operational overhead.

Ergomotion was able to replace their UPS Worldship system, integrate with their ERP to synchronize orders and let ShipHawk do the heavy lifting when it comes to selecting the right service for each order.

“ShipHawk automatically selects the right carrier and service for every order - so we’re always processing orders with the right service at the best price available.”

Kyle Muench,
VP Operations for Ergomotion

“ShipHawk has given us a new level of visibility throughout our fulfillment operation. We’re excited to see how we can use this data to drive even more efficiency and cost saving for our business.”

Kyle Muench,
VP Operations for Ergomotion