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Welcome to the world
behind the buy button™

Mega retailers have changed our habits. We exist in a one click, two-day shipping world. Yes, we can get that last minute birthday present, but what’s the cost of that convenience?


Thousands of never ending delivery trucks, running up and down neighborhood streets, packages filled with air and waste, and suppliers struggling to keep up. And worse, we’re creating a world of over-worked and under-resourced workers with little control over their futures. It’s a hard problem to solve…



U.S. Economic Census

About 40 percent of the nation’s small apparel, toy, and sporting goods makers disappeared between 2007 and 2017, and so did one-third of small book publishers (U.S. Economic Census).


Too Large

Gary Forger, Modern Materials Handling

The average delivery box is 40% too large for its contents. That leads to 24 million more truckloads delivered each year, 1.75 billion gallons of diesel used, and 17 billion kg of CO2 released into the atmosphere (Gary Forger, Modern Materials Handling).


Turnover rate

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics put annual warehouse worker turnover rates at 43%.

Together we can improve the world behind the buy button™

ShipHawk works to not only make the supply chain more efficient but also to create a net positive for everyone involved. And we don’t just mean for eCommerce — think wholesale, third-party logistics, and distribution companies too.


The work is challenging and frequently complex, but the impact is worth it. And there’s a lot of opportunity for growth. It comes down to you.


Do you have the tenacity to act? Do you own your results, good and bad? Do you care about the impact of your work on the world we live in?


If yes, take a look at ShipHawk. We bring passion without the ego, and our mission is big enough for everyone. Together we can improve the world behind the buy button™.

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