Make Shipping your Secret Weapon

Technology to help retailers transform the buying experience.

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The Power of All-In-One

Finally, a single shipping platform to suit all of your needs.

Access to parcel and non-parcel freight, home delivery, LTL, truckload, and more. Real-time order level rate shopping. Centralized and standardized tracking across carriers.

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Get Smart about your Shipping Decisions

Which orders are unprofitable? What happens if you offer free shipping?  How are your carriers performing?  Take control of the levers that impact your margins.

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Average Net Margin

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Increased 5% over last year with new shipping options


Unprofitable Orders

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Opportunity to evaluate and test alternative shipping policies


Highest Margin Order

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Annual Freight Savings

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Savings realized by one of our $300,000 annual freight customers using the ShipHawk Platform


Our bidders rely on EBTH to make the entire online bidding process easy and seamless—from that first bid to when the item arrives at their doorstep, ShipHawk is exactly what we need and our bidders love it.

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Reduction in Shipping Cost

ShipHawk gave Viyet a 20% reduction in shipping costs.

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Optimize Your Buying Experience

Give your customers the best in-cart price points, order level tracking, and service and delivery options, to meet their expectations.

Buyer Experience

Automate the Delivery Process

Full cycle automation from real-time rating to dispatch, documentation, and tracking.
No TMS required.

Logistics Automation

Access a Diverse Carrier Ecosystem

A one-stop-shop with the most diverse set of delivery options, first-mile to last.

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