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About Us

ShipHawk was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Bodenhamer and Aaron Freeman. Jeremy was the owner of a pack and ship store and was frustrated by antiquated software and carriers’ inability to give customers accurate prices. Shipping solutions were difficult to find, carriers spoke their own language, and freight companies required a laborious quoting process (rather than telling the customer what something would actually cost!).  As Jeremy’s customer base grew, these issues resulted in even higher stakes for his growing clientele of retailers and manufacturers.

Jeremy and Aaron decided to take on this challenge and started building ShipHawk.

Our goal is to give retailers, manufacturers and distributors large and small, B2B and B2C, across all product types, access to the tools they need to compete in an increasingly complex world. We believe that ShipHawk is the most powerful transportation management system (TMS) on the market today–one that is modern, beautiful, optimized, configurable and automated.

Automated, data-driven supply chains run on ShipHawk!