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Shipping Rate Optimization

Automate carrier selection and route optimization to realize the lowest possible shipping costs – even with your current carriers.

Better utilize services provided by your existing carriers

Big discounts to baseline carrier tariffs look great – on paper. But how do you make sure you realize these savings and don’t get hit with high minimum costs and avoidable accessorial charges? Every carrier needs to be optimized.

Use technology to uncover cost savings on every order

Carrier tariffs are complex; too complex to manage manually. Every order is unique, every buyer and their destination criteria are different, and carriers offer too many services to count. With this many factors contributing to the shipping cost, the only way to realize the discounts you fought hard to win is to automate the utilization of your tariffs. Make sure you realize the discount you worked hard to negotiate and properly match the best carrier and optimal service to every order.

Diversify your network

Only the data can determine the optimal carrier by factoring in products, delivery promises, warehouse locations and available carriers and services. Optimize your current carrier network by leveraging lane data from thousands of other shippers.

Redefine "Shipping"

How shipping is defined to your customers impacts the choices that can be made at the point of fulfillment. Broaden the definition to open the door to faster service and lower shipping costs.

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