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Freight and Parcel Audit and Reconciliation

Automate and streamline the process of collecting, examining and adjusting freight and parcel invoices for accuracy to uncover cost recovery opportunities, analyze carrier performance and negotiate contracts with carriers.

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Close the Loop on Shipping Costs

Merchants are expected to receive and fulfill orders faster than ever before and operational challenges of scaling throughput consume valuable resources. For many brands, auditing carrier invoices is a manual, time-consuming process that requires pulling data from multiple sources, normalizing that data, and resource-intensive follow-up with each carrier to recover anomalies.


ShipHawk Audit automates this process and gives brands the control they need to:

  • Increase productivity by automating carrier invoice receipt and reconciliation
  • Quickly identify operational inefficiencies that drive higher shipping costs
  • Uncover shipping cost recovery opportunities
  • Analyze carrier performance to enable contract negotiations


Full Range of Audit Features

ShipHawk Audit allows organizations to:


  • Import and analyze freight spend from all parcel and LTL carriers in one place
  • Normalize shipment details, services, and charges across carriers
  • Reconcile invoice charge to rate quote
  • Process invoices in timely manner to eliminate late payments and service disruptions
  • Identify discrepancies and automatically submit for recovery
  • Generate and schedule shipping reports
  • Enable informed decisions around carrier spend optimization & cost reduction
  • Improve order-to-delivery time

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