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Real-Time Shipping Data & Analytics

Level up your shipping knowledge, strategy, and execution


Visibility into your team’s pack & ship performance

When used in conjunction with your WMS, ERP or other systems of record, ShipHawk allows you to report, visualize, and act on packing and shipping KPIs like:

Warehouse performance management

Identify areas for improvement.

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Shipment cost trends

Instant access to trending cost changes alongside carrier controls.

Warehouse throughput metrics

Track the movement of orders through your warehouse(s).

On-time delivery impact

Drive supply chain performance and customer satisfaction.

IT and warehouse spend

Understand true shipping and fulfillment cost data.

Processing errors

Fulfillment errors and the resulting costs are controllable.

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Visibility Illustration

Improve decision making

Use your data to optimize distribution center performance and decouple growth from fulfillment costs.

Real-time dashboard in ShipHawk

Real-time data and analytics includes visibility and active controls to enhance internal operations and improving workflows.

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Custom dashboard

Explore and visualize data with white-labeled, non-embedded dashboards built for your business.

Link disparate data sources

Answer questions from internal and external data sources.

Model for seasonal fluctuations and demand for warehouse expansion

Access a deeper level of analysis into the detail that drives your strategy and planning.

Visualize trends and areas for opportunity

Turn large quantities of data into accessible insights.

Customized scheduled reporting

Align your organization around a set of relevant KPIs with specific targets.

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