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Packing Optimization

ShipHawk’s Smart Packing™ software for cartonization helps shippers select the right box or pallet for every order. Maximize efficiency with every carton shipped, by utilizing packaging optimization.


Select the right box/carton for packing every order

Chances are, you’re packing orders in the wrong container and as a result, inaccurately rating shipments. ShipHawk’s packing optimization, aka Smart Packing™, powered by a proprietary bin-packing algorithm, selects each carton/box or pallet based on the containers you keep on hand in each DC.


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Smart packing tools can help save time and money

Directly reduce shipping costs with cartonization software

Dimensional weight charges are real and substantial. 24 million truckloads are shipped annually in the United States as a result of shipping boxes that are too big. That’s 1.75 billion gallons of wasted diesel and 17 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. And these costs hit your shipping bill.



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Packing software helps reduce material and shipping costs

Reduce the amount of packing material required to process an order. Automatically configure every order based on item size, weight, value, and fragility, selecting the smallest box (that meets carrier standards) to reduce your box usage and unnecessary shipping costs.