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Acumatica Shipping Software

Shipping Software for Acumatica

Advanced packing and shipping software for companies on Acumatica

ShipHawk is Acumatica Certified

Parcel & freight for Acumatica

ShipHawk is an Acumatica Certified Application. ShipHawk enables you to take advantage of:

  • Parcel, LTL (less-than-truckload) and freight broker services in a single platform that scales with your business
  • Configurable business rules that allow you to automate business processes without IT development
  • Customized shipping documentation – packing slips, bills of lading (BOLs), commercial invoices, etc

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Warehouse automation

ShipHawk customers have seen their order throughput double or even triple with the same number of workers after making the switch to ShipHawk.

  • Fulfillment automation within Acumatica
  • Buy Shipping with Amazon for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders
  • Writes shipping data to Acumatica to inform customers and partners
  • Operate a data-driven supply chain. Monitor carrier performance and shipment pricing and optimize your shipping strategy with on-demand reporting

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Omnichannel fulfillment for NetSuite
Packing Optimization Software for NetSuite

Automate optimal packing

ShipHawk’s Smart Packing™ algorithm reduces warehouse employee decision-making. Automatically select the right box or pallet for every order and calculate the final weights and dimensions. Smart Packing™ also optimizes across modes (parcel and LTL), building each box and assembling them into pallets for higher-volume LTL shipments.

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We work with the partners you trust

ShipHawk’s open APIs allow you and your partners to customize the service to meet your needs. We work hand-in-hand with the partners and consultants you use to deliver a solution that gives you control to scale your operation.

  • RESTful APIs built to automate high-volume warehouses
  • Supports multi-warehouse operations
  • Supports multi-storefronts

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Open APIs for Customized Service

Questions from real Acumatica customers

What’s different about ShipHawk’s shipping software for Acumatica?
  • The only shipping solution that bridges the gap from scaling startup to enterprise
  • A solution built on best practices from the biggest companies but accessible for scaling companies
  • Dedicated experts that proactively prevent issues, and when issues do arise, resolve them quickly
  • Out of the box direct robust, deep integration between Acumatica and ShipHawk TMS
  • A continuous investment in the platform to provide Acumatica customers with world class automated fulfillment solutions
How does ShipHawk’s Smart Packing algorithm work for Acumatica customers?

ShipHawk’s Smart Packing™ software helps shippers select the best box or pallet for every order. Our packing solution calculates final packed dimensions and weights and automatically determines accurate packing and shipping rates. Smart Packing™ works hand-in-hand with our Smart Rating™ engine so not only is every order packed in the optimal box, but you’re also able to provide the best delivery experience for the lowest cost.

What carriers does ShipHawk work with?

ShipHawk supports parcel and LTL carriers within one centralized platform. We work with hundreds of parcel and freight carriers to support the optimal shipping solution for your business with our many shipping partners.

Can you explain ShipHawk’s business rules?

Simply put, ShipHawk’s business rules give you robust cost controls. Create configurable shipping rules in real-time that ensure that packages are going out the right way, every time. Customers can dictate the rate they see on the front end, whether displaying it in a cart or to sales reps within NetSuite, as well as be able to optimize at a carrier and service level behind the scenes.

Do companies have to be a certain size to use ShipHawk’s integration with Acumatica?

ShipHawk is dedicated to helping improve and automate the world behind the buy button™, empowering operations to efficiently and effectively fulfill orders. As companies on Acumatica grow, fulfillment steps don’t change, but the level of complexity and decision making escalates to meet buyer expectations for cost, speed and perfection. ShipHawk scales with your business – so whether you’re an emerging business, a fast growth company, or a high-volume omani-channel operation, ShipHawk will be there with you.

Reduce warehouse employee decision-making, double order throughput and lower shipping costs with Acumatica shipping software from ShipHawk.