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Case Study:



With extensive micro sprint racing experience behind him, Mike Dicely and his wife,
Christy incorporated Hyper Racing in 1994 and began production of the first Hyper
Racing chassis. The company’s steady growth over the years was kicked into high
gear in 2018 and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers looked for
outdoor recreational sports. In addition, many NASCAR drivers use Hyper Racing’s
class of cars to keep their skills sharp in between races. Hyper Racing sells micro
sprint race cars, fuel injection systems, and parts/accessories.

Benefits and Key Outcomes

Automated packing process to ensure every order is packed in the best box

Accurate shipping rates to meet service level

Increased fulfillment efficiency and accuracy without adding headcount

Improved customer experience during the ordering process

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With three warehouses and approximately 8,000 SKUs, Hyper Racing needed an advanced shipping solution to increase
productivity and reduce shipping costs without hiring more employees. From products ranging in sprint car bodies to bolts
and tires to gloves, the weights and dimensions of Hyper Racing’s products are incredibly varied. While they were already
keeping track of dimensions, the small warehouse team had to rush through the packing process and would grab whatever
carton they knew would fit the contents of the order just to get it out the door faster. Another challenge was that there
wasn’t enough time to accurately and manually rate shop shipping options for the hundreds of packages shipped per day.
As a result, Hyper Racing was often paying for more expensive carriers or an unnecessary shipping method.

Its focus was to automate and streamline shipping processes and provide a better customer experience. It also needed a
solution to integrate seamlessly with its ERP, NetSuite. “ShipHawk was the only solution we found that could unify all the
items in the order and accurately pick out the right box from the shelf and accurately rate quote the package before it is
even packed and put on the scale,” said Hyper Racing Owner and Founder, Mike Dicely


Hyper Racing implemented ShipHawk’s solution to automate and upgrade the company’s operation. By automatically
calculating the final packed dimensions and weight for each order, the solution improves the customer experience and
expedites order processing. “Now, our employees don’t have to pull out a measuring tape to measure the box, weigh it,
and enter all the details into a system,” said Dicely. “They just scan the barcode and ShipHawk brings the order up and
writes back the fulfillment to NetSuite – it saves a lot of time,” said Dicely.

With ShipHawk’s tight NetSuite integration, order details automatically sync back to NetSuite, meaning the warehouse
team isn’t having to spend extra time inputting order details in a system and then double-checking that everything is
correct. Additionally, Hyper Racing has been able to increase daily order throughput without hiring additional employees.

To improve the customer experience, Hyper Racing took advantage of in-cart rating to ensure customers are always seeing
the most accurate shipping rates within the shopping cart in real-time. Dicely stated, “we were able to integrate our
website with ShipHawk and it worked great.” Not only does in-cart rating improve the end customer’s experience but it also
benefits Hyper Racing as they are able to make better up-front decisions and cut down on shipping costs.

ShipHawk helps our profits, so we can do more with less labor. ShipHawk is a worthwhile investment. It’s the best solution we could find and their support has been excellent.

Mike Dicely | Hyper Racing Owner and Founder