Shipping Intelligence

“Level Up” your Shipping Strategy with Data and Insights

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Understand Your Carrier Ecosystem

Evaluate how different carriers impact your customers’ experience and order margins

  • Spend and Shipments

    Track which shipments are serviced by which carriers and evaluate average costs by carrier.

  • On-time Performance

    Analyze how carriers perform vs. what’s committed overall and by lane.

  • The Power to be Proactive

    Monitor exceptions and recognize exception patterns.

Profitability Analysis

Understand the impact of shipping on your bottom line

  • Margin Analysis

    Evaluate orders, items, customers, and regions.

  • Packing and Packaging Recommendations

    Identify opportunities to reduce fully landed costs.

  • Customer Profitability

    Understand which customers are most and least profitable.

Standard and Custom Reporting

Access additional data to solve specific business questions

  • Reconcilation

    Evaluate cart to fill, fill to invoice and cart to invoice data.

  • Shipping Trendlines

    Benchmark customers, products, and your overall business over time.

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