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Automate Shipping Documentation and Label Printing

Remove manual work and duplicate entry from the order fulfillment process

Streamline document creation

Streamline document creation

The shipping industry relies heavily on documentation to orchestrate events from staging and pickup to delivery and receiving. All too often, businesses use manual processes and multiple systems to produce compliant documentation which is not only inefficient, but can also be expensive.

That’s where we come in. ShipHawk’s automated shipping documentation and label printing removes the manual processes that slow you down and cost you money. ShipHawk helps you:

  • Eliminate manual errors by automating document creation
  • Unify parcel and LTL bill of lading / labeling processes
  • Remove duplicate entry by using one source for document creation

Documentation can be electronically sent to buyers, automatically printed as a batch, printed on an order-by-order basis or emailed directly to customers. All documentation is accessible via our RESTful APIs.

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It starts with compliance

Compliant shipping labels

All shipping labels generated by ShipHawk are compliant with carrier standards 


Certified parcel carrier shipping labels

ShipHawk is a FedEx Compatible, UPS Ready and DHL eCommerce certified solution 

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Standard VICS BOLs for LTL shipping 

The VICS BOL is an industry-standard we leverage for LTL shipping


Bill of Lading
Support trade partner requirements

Support trade partner requirements

Your trade partners rely on you to make their receiving processes efficient, but unfortunately, most partners have a slightly different flavor of documentation requirements. 

From the right reference information and packing slip specifications to pallet tags and carton labels, your systems must be flexible enough to manage multiple document configurations and frequent updates required to maintain compliance. 

Shippers use ShipHawk’s shipping software to design, access and generate compliant shipping documentation. In addition to the supported documentation listed below, ShipHawk has an integrated HTML builder for building custom packing slips and pick tickets. 

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Meet comprehensive documentation standards

ShipHawk automates:

  • Generating order-level pick tickets
  • Printing shipment-level packing slips
  • Printing carton and pallet labels for GS1-128/UCC-128 trade partner compliance 
  • Creating paper and/or electronic commercial invoices for international shipping
Packing slips