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Shipping Rules

Dynamic Shipping Rules

Configurable, customizable, automated. Control every facet of the shipping operation without help from IT

Dynamic Rules Engine

Automate decisions with a Dynamic Rules Engine™

Configurable shipping rules, created in real-time. ShipHawk’s Dynamic Rules Engine™ provides shippers with the controls to automate the decisions required to meet operational, sales and expense targets. 

  • Smart Rating Controls™ – Allow shippers to control shipping rates and services communicated to buyers at the point of sale
  • Smart Fulfillment Controls™ – Automate and eliminate fulfillment decisions in the warehouse

Meet specific business requirements

Shipping rules let shippers tailor ShipHawk’s robust Smart Rating™ and Smart Packing™ engines to meet the specific business needs – like special rates or expedited treatment for VIP customers or automatically downgrading 2 Day or Next Day services to Ground when a cheaper service can meet customer delivery expectations and cut the per-shipment cost by 30% or more.

Unlike other providers, business rules do not need to be configured or maintained by IT. Any team member with administrative access can easily make changes with a simple “if this, then that” editor to control how shipments are priced in the shopping cart, how carriers or services are utilized or how orders are ultimately fulfilled in the warehouse.


Compare Carrier Rates
Dynamic Rules Engine

Rules let shippers:

  • Influence shipping rates at checkout by SKU, location, or at a customer-specific level
  • Eliminate decisions in the warehouse with carrier, service, or product-specific rules
  • Automatically configure the right documentation or 3rd party billing details to use 
  • Make changes on the fly without relying on IT

These controls allow shippers to customize decision making and automate those decisions in the shopping cart, ERP, WMS, or wherever they are needed for smart shipping automation.