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Case Study:



Fellers was established in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1986 by Frank Fellers as a humble
print shop dedicated to delivering the best in speed, service and selection to its
customers. As the industry grew and evolved, Fellers began providing vinyl to print
shops and is now one of the nation’s leading distributors of signs and graphics films,
color change vinyl and wrap supplies. The company was acquired by American
Pacific Group (APG) in 2022 and operates 40 warehouses across the US. It also
manages CheetahWrap, a private label with an active eCommerce business.

Benefits and Key Outcomes

95% on-time delivery due to streamlined order fulfillment

Reduced shipment processing times by 6X

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Wholesale Distributor





APG acquired Fellers, Interwest Distribution and DigiCut within a matter of months to establish a full-service signs and graphics
wholesale distribution organization that would provide everything from premium vinyl and paint protection film to the software
needed to cut them. Each business brought unique strengths and capabilities to the partnership, but leadership recognized that
utilizing each of the business’ disparate systems wasn’t going to work and as a result, a unified approach with an ERP and
fulfillment solution across all brands was required.

The company initiated a search for a shipping solution within the NetSuite ecosystem after selecting NetSuite as its ERP. The
ideal solution needed to integrate with NetSuite, enable a quick, easy and accurate shipping experience and have the ability to
support Fellers’ 40 warehouses out of the box.


Since going live with ShipHawk, Fellers has achieved 95% on-time delivery and saves dozens of hours in labor every month. The
time required to prepare an order for shipment has declined from one minute to 10 seconds, translating to a labor savings and
shipment processing time reduction of 6X.

“The thing we liked about ShipHawk is the ease of use and ready-to-ship kind of expediency. I just have to scan the order and
everything’s ready to go. It also has the ability to handle all 40 of our warehouses,” said Sameer Afsar, Chief Information Officer at
Fellers. “The beauty of ShipHawk is it handles a lot.”

“ShipHawk is a huge time saver for us and takes decision-making out of our warehouse employees’ hands,” said Afsar. The
Fellers team trusts ShipHawk and its Smart Packing™ solution to pick the right box for every order and the quickest and easiest
parcel shipping option, ensuring orders get into the hands of customers on time and for the lowest price possible. “It saves us a
lot of money and saves our customers a lot of money,” said Afsar.

Fellers also integrated ShipHawk with Shopify to support its CheetahWrap private label commerce site and the results have been
transformational. Customers can compare shipping rates in real-time and, once confirmed, the order is automatically sent to
NetSuite and ShipHawk for fulfillment.

“ShipHawk really helps our warehouses be a little bit more flexible and meet our customer demand in real-time as opposed to a
centrally managed approach where an order couldn’t ship without a ticket from the order management team,” said Afsar. “The
ShipHawk implementation team was also fantastic; very supportive, very responsive and always met our needs.”

The thing we liked about ShipHawk is the ease of use and ready-to-ship kind of expediency.

Sameer Afsar | Chief Information Officer at Fellers