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NetSuite Shipping Software

The premier packing and shipping software for ERP connected companies

Freight & Parcel Integration for NetSuite

Parcel & Freight for NetSuite

ShipHawk’s NetSuite shipping software supports:

  • Parcel, LTL (less-than-truckload) and freight broker services
  • Shipping rates on demand for Quotes and Sales Orders
  • Business Rules automate unique business processes


Accurate multi-carrier rating optimizes both cross-carrier and cross-mode. Dynamic (real-time) business logic supports cost, time, service, inventory type, carrier, and other business-specific optimizations.

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Warehouse Automation

ShipHawk customers report order throughput improvements of over 300% when replacing competing transportation management systems.


  • Warehouse automation within NetSuite
  • Buy Shipping with Amazon for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders
  • Writes shipping data to Item Fulfillments so partners can create ASNs
DC Automation for Volume Shippers
Omnichannel fulfillment for NetSuite
Packing Optimization Software for NetSuite

Smart Packing & Smart Rating

Smart Packing and Smart Rating reduce warehouse operator decisions. Select the right packing materials for every order with ShipHawk’s Smart Packing algorithm available in ShipHawk’s NetSuite shipping software. Always use the right box, minimize or eliminate additional dim weight charges, and accurately predict labor. No hardware is required, but many hardware integrations are supported.

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Reduce warehouse operator decision making, lower shipping costs and improve order throughput with ShipHawk’s NetSuite Shipping Software.

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Plays Nice With SuiteApps

ShipHawk is a Hybrid SuiteApp. We support native SuiteApps like NetSuite WMS and others.


  • RESTful APIs built to automate high volume warehouses
  • Supports multi-warehouse operations
  • Supports multi-storefronts
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Built for for NetSuite
Supply Chain Data and Analytics for NetSuite

Shipping Data and Analytics

Build and operate a data-driven supply chain. Monitor everything from shipment pricing to carrier performance. Build a better shipping strategy with on-demand reporting.

Level up your shipping strategy and visibility

Questions from real NetSuite customers

Can you talk more about packaging optimization?

We apply a back-end algorithm to a variety of items so that we can take loose inventory and figure out how to pack it into the fewest number of boxes, pack those boxes into the fewest number of pallets, and pack those pallets into the fewest number of trucks. The packing optimization software works in concert with the rating engine so that it’s optimizing not only by reducing the packed space but also by ensuring that items are shipping the right way with the right carrier.

Are the warehouse employees using ShipHawk or NetSuite?

The default NetSuite plugin is a standalone web tool for warehouse employees so they can generate the label and dispatch their shipments. Integrating a shipper’s full process into NetSuite is something we can do with our APIs as part of a custom setup.

How many installations are active today?

We have over 300 active customers.

For customers that have a pick, pack and ship process, are they creating the pick tickets and packing slips within NetSuite and then fulfilling within ShipHawk?

Shipping documentation can all be generated through ShipHawk. It can also be partially completed through NetSuite with the remainder through ShipHawk. It is based mostly on the NetSuite customer’s ideal implementation.

What carriers does ShipHawk work with?

ShipHawk is carrier agnostic. We work with parcel, freight, LTL, home delivery, final mile, white glove, on demand, and first and final mile services.

Can you explain ShipHawk’s business rules?

Robust cost controls: ShipHawk has a very powerful business rules system that allows a customer to dictate the rate they see on the front end, whether displaying it in a cart or to sales reps within NetSuite as well as being able to optimize at a carrier and service level behind the scenes.

Does ShipHawk support customer facing solutions?

Absolutely.  Beyond being a back-end data tool, ShipHawk provides data directly to the shipper’s customer base through a variety of tools. One example is our real-time, branded tracking.

Can the system be customized or configured for individual use cases?

One of our differentiators is our modern, RESTful API.  Using the latest and greatest technology while also being constructed in a framework using REST allows ShipHawk to be a flexible and extensible tool that is highly configurable.   

Relating to the pick, pack, and ship process, can ShipHawk generate a master pick sheet?

Yes – we can generate a single pick, print individual tickets, or we can do both.  

The integrated packing/carrier/service optimization is very cool. How long does that take to run?

The process depends on the number of carriers and services the customer wants to return. Every customer is unique. We aim for times in the milliseconds.

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