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Packing Optimization

Use the right box for each order to avoid extra dimensional charges. Rate based on the expected shipping dimensions, not just the size and weight of an individual product.

shipping software enables packing optimization to select right box

Select the right box to pack each order

Chances are, you’re often packing orders in the wrong box and inaccurately rating. Use our packing optimization to select boxes based on your actual packing material inventory.

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Use your product data to make better shipping decisions

Most shopping carts only store basic information about products, like product weight and dimensions. With ShipHawk, you store separate shipping dimensions, handling unit types, freight classes, and HS codes. Automating your shipping process starts with the right data.

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shipping software enables product shipping data
shipping software enables shipping intelligence

Know when to palletize, and when to ship individually

Sending large or multi-piece parcels using a freight carrier can often save hundreds. Let ShipHawk tell you when palletizing your boxes and shipping with a common carrier is the best move.

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