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Parcel & LTL TMS Software

A Transportation Management System for high-growth, high volume, eCommerce parcel and LTL shippers. Automate order fulfillment workflows and save money.

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Smart Packing™ TMS Software

In addition to identifying the optimal carrier and service for each order, ShipHawk’s Smart Packing™ tells warehouse workers which box/carton or pallet is best for each order, eliminating this decision in the fulfillment process. ShipHawk calculates final packed weights and dimensions in advance and utilizes this data in the Smart Rating™ process. 


ShipHawk’s Smart Packing™ does not require hardware to work, but it is capable of working alongside box-makers, dimensioners and other hardware components to produce best-in-class workflows that don’t rely on human decision making.



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Smart packing tools can help save time and money

Smart Rating™ - TMS software for multi-carriers

Multi-carrier rating automatically finds the best carrier for every order. This is more than a garbage-in-garbage-out API call. By using your negotiated rates, ShipHawk optimizes for cost, time, service level, carrier and carrier type. ShipHawk identifies the optimal carrier and service and compares options across modes. In addition, with our Dynamic Rules Engine™ your team can take control and configure rating and fulfillment decisions in real-time.



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Dynamic Rules Engine™ - configurable business rules

Our configurable, on-demand shipping rules engine allows businesses to customize carrier and service selection, provide in-cart rate and promotion management and manage unique shipping rules and policies all the way down to the customer level. ShipHawk automatically applies rules according to your specification so delivery promises are met with behind-the-scenes automation in the warehouse. By choosing the right carrier and service level on an order-by-order basis, before sending shipping labels to print, ShipHawk ensures that shippers spend as little as possible while meeting customers’ expectations. 


Creating and managing business rules is easy with a simple text editor that doesn’t require IT development. Fine-tune your shipping and eliminate costly mistakes with automated rules.



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Dynamic Rules Engine

Business intelligence - TMS shipping data & analytics

Even though expert operators believe in the power of data, key information remains siloed across numerous business systems in most operations. Working alongside an ERP or other system of record, ShipHawk unifies disparate fulfillment and shipping data into one location providing real-time access to shipping data and analytics. This creates operational visibility that allows shippers to monitor carrier performance metrics like time-in-transit and aging deliveries as well as operational metrics like aging orders and shipping costs. Shipping and order fulfillment reporting can be automated company-wide to keep executives informed on shipping strategy decisions and opportunities.



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Business intelligence - shipping data & analytics

Parcel & LTL Shipping Software in one TMS

Using multiple portals to support different modes is slow and expensive. ShipHawk’s TMS supports parcel and LTL in one system. With over 250 parcel and LTL carriers, as well as many leading 3PLs, ShipHawk supports the carriers needed to scale using the shippers’ own negotiated rates and relationships. ShipHawk is a FedEx Compatible, UPS Ready and DHL eCommerce certified solution.



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Parcel and LTL

Streamline the paperwork - shipping documentation

Every order, every marketplace and every carrier requires different documentation. Operations teams use ShipHawk’s TMS to save time and reduce duplicate and manual entry by accessing and generating required shipping documentation. This includes:


  • Labels and bills of lading (BOL)
  • Commercial invoices
  • Parcel labels
  • Pallet labels
  • Carton labels
  • Shipment-level packing slips
  • Order-level pick tickets
  • HTML builder for building custom packing slips and pick tickets



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Shipping Documentation

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