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Shipping Software for Finance

The leading shipping software for finance and accounting teams to streamline operations.

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Logistics data in one platform

Managing shipping costs and reconciliations no longer has to cause friction for Finance teams. ShipHawk’s platform can be leveraged to pull information directly into your accounting solution, allowing you to gain immediate access, visibility and control over your data.

Invest where it matters most

Shipping is expensive enough. Don’t let managing your shipment billing add to your company’s list of expenses. The operational burden of managing, adjusting or disputing costs of transportation bills and other unplanned carrier charges can be significantly reduced by leveraging the ShipHawk platform.

increase profit
better shipping data for finance

Better data

ShipHawk aggregates key financial and operational data from multiple service providers into one platform so that billing and reconciliation doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Now you can efficiently compare pricing across hundreds of carriers, spot cost inefficiencies and maximize your margins all at once.

Data accessibility

Your shipping related financial data is easier than ever to access, translate, interpret and correct with ShipHawk’s API. With any ERP solution, you can now unify data across your entire organization so that you can get data with real time, wherever you want it.

shipping data visibility for finance

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