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Shipping Software for Marketing

Boost channel sales, access new customers and improve customer targeting.

Launch new markets/channels

Want to grow new markets or launch new channels? With ShipHawk’s workflow automation, new opportunities are easy to setup. ShipHawk’s automation also helps keep service standards consistent in new markets so customers get the same on-brand experience no matter where they are buying.

shipping software- Grow new markets and new channels
shipping software- take control of growth

Take control of growth

If yours is like many growing companies, shipping is a customer acquisition lever and may even be a part of the Marketing budget. To ensure scaling the business is the main objective, give Marketing teams the data and controls they need to make shipping a strategic component of their successful growth plan.

Customer acquisition costs

Take control of your customer acquisition costs. Know which customers cost more to distribute to. Optimize based on distribution point, customer delivery address and unique order characteristics – all in real time. Incentivize customers to build profitable orders and prevent margin erosion.

shipping software- customer acquisition costs
shipping software- Own the post purchase experience

Own the post-purchase experience

Own the post-purchase customer experience. Extend your brand into the delivery process and proactively keep customers up-to-date on their order status. Reduce customer service calls while simultaneously improving post-purchase Net Promoter Scores.

shipping software- Total visibility

Total visibility

ShipHawk’s unique API integrates into your ERP, CRM, eCommerce platform and anywhere else you need it so that all the data in your shipping operation is available and transparent to you. Our real-time solutions gives you constant updates, allowing you to make data-driven decisions faster, keep costs low and boost sales and conversion rates.

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