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TMS 2.0™ Software

ShipHawk is a Smart Transportation Management System™ (TMS 2.0™) that helps businesses save money, automate workflows, provide an on-brand buying experience, and run data-driven supply chains.

TMS shipping software that offers multi-carrier rating

Multi-carrier rating

Multi-carrier rating lets you find the right carrier for the job; whether you are looking to optimize for cost, time, service level, carrier type, or limit rates to a specific carrier, ShipHawk lets you make these decisions in real-time. ShipHawk works with all carrier types including parcel, LTL, white glove and contract truckload providers.

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Order fulfillment

As orders come in through various channels, businesses have to make a number of decisions to appropriately fulfill their orders whether choosing the right distribution or warehouse facility for the order, selecting the carrier, service level or box.

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TMS shipping software that enables order fulfillment
TMS shipping software that enables shipment tracking

Shipment tracking

Why send your customers to the carriers to get tracking updates when you can give them a consistent on-brand tracking experience.

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Reporting and analytics

Monitor carrier performance and inform your shipping strategy through on-demand reporting.  It’s more than shipping software, we call it shipping intelligence.

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TMS shipping software that provides reporting and analytics
TMS shipping software that enables rule and policy changes

Rule-based automation

Take control of your margins, rates, and shipping policies at a customer or product level.  Make rule or policy changes on demand.

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Smart packing

Optimize your packing based on your warehouse’s box sizes and reduce dimensional charges. Factor these costs into your checkout or offline quoting process to avoid losses.  Best of all – no hardware required.

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TMS shipping software packing automation
use TMS shipping software to access your carrier accounts

Carrier network

Automatically add ShipHawk’s carrier network to yours and make sure you’re always optimizing for the best rates.

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Shipping documentation

Access dynamically generated shipping documentation to save time and reduce duplicate entry. Labels, BOLs, and international documentation.

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TMS shipping documentation

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