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Acumatica Shipping Software

Acumatica Shipping Software

Advanced packing and shipping software for companies on Acumatica

ShipHawk is Acumatica Certified

Parcel & freight for Acumatica

ShipHawk is an Acumatica Certified Application. ShipHawk enables you to take advantage of:

  • Parcel, LTL (less-than-truckload) and freight broker services in a single platform that scales with your business
  • Configurable business rules that allow you to automate business processes without IT development
  • Customized shipping documentation – packing slips, bills of lading (BOLs), commercial invoices, etc

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Warehouse automation

ShipHawk customers have seen their order throughput double or even triple with the same number of workers after making the switch to ShipHawk.

  • Fulfillment automation within Acumatica
  • Buy Shipping with Amazon for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders
  • Writes shipping data to Acumatica to inform customers and partners
  • Operate a data-driven supply chain. Monitor carrier performance and shipment pricing and optimize your shipping strategy with on-demand reporting

DC automation for volume shippers →

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Omnichannel fulfillment for NetSuite
Packing Optimization Software for NetSuite

Automate optimal packing

ShipHawk’s Smart Packing™ algorithm reduces warehouse employee decision-making. Automatically select the right box or pallet for every order and calculate the final weights and dimensions. Smart Packing™ also optimizes across modes (parcel and LTL), building each box and assembling them into pallets for higher-volume LTL shipments.

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We work with the partners you trust

ShipHawk’s open APIs allow you and your partners to customize the service to meet your needs. We work hand-in-hand with the partners and consultants you use to deliver a solution that gives you control to scale your operation.

  • RESTful APIs built to automate high-volume warehouses
  • Supports multi-warehouse operations
  • Supports multi-storefronts

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Open APIs for Customized Service

Reduce warehouse employee decision-making, double order throughput and lower shipping costs with Acumatica shipping software from ShipHawk.