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Brightpearl Shipping Automation for Growing Companies

Learn how ShipHawk can help improve your Brightpearl shipping process and ensure every order is packed from the right warehouse, packed in the right box, using the optimal carrier and service. Every time!

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ShipHawk + Brightpearl Features

Automated Brightpearl Shipping Decisions

Ensure every order ships in the right box, with the best carrier and optimal service without manual decision making.

Configurable Business Rules

Create and manage business rules via text editor, without IT development, to systematize tribal knowledge and eliminate costly mistakes.

Accelerate Order Processing

Leverage data and flexible pack/ship station configuration to quickly process orders, print shipping documents, and accurately accrue costs.

Single Platform for Scale

Manage parcel and LTL shipments on a single platform that scales with your growth.

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A single shipping system for managing multiple carriers

Customer Results

50% Reduced Shipping Costs

Gorjana cut their average shipping cost by 50%.

2X Increased Productivity

Hammer Nutrition doubled throughput (400 to 800 packages) shipped daily with the same number of workers.

3X Increased Processing Speed

Ergomotion increased order processing speed 3X.

Smart packing tools can help save time and money

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