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Automate your operation with shipping software built for ERP connected companies

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Shipping demands are increasing

The demands an organization faces from a shipping perspective are becoming more challenging every day. Customers demand items faster, and you need to save hard freight costs while fulfilling that obligation. Unfortunately, most shipping softwares rely on warehouse employees making manual decisions. That won’t cut it in today’s market.


ShipHawk gives you control to customize your business rules and eliminate manual steps in the warehouse. We use proprietary packing and shipping algorithms to automate order fulfillment and deliver a better shipping experience. That means every order is shipped from the right warehouse, packed in the right box, using the best carrier and optimal service.



Multi-carrier shipping software

Utilize a single platform for scale.


ShipHawk supports both parcel and LTL (less-than-truckload) carriers in one system that scales with your growth. Optimize order-level routing across carriers, services and modes to guarantee the lowest-cost option, while meeting your delivery promise.


Always choose the best carrier and service

Easily add and use your negotiated rates. ShipHawk routes every order to the optimal carrier and service. Access hundreds of carriers and 3PLs from one platform.

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Stop logging into carrier websites one at a time

Eliminate manual quoting in separate systems by using ShipHawk. Access your carriers in one place to get rates, book shipments and manage your orders. Reduce errors and avoid duplicate entry.

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Automate packing decisions

Dim weight pricing got you down?  Spending too much on packing materials and labor? 


ShipHawk’s Smart Packing™ or cartonization, selects the right box or pallet for every order, calculates final packed weights and dimensions, and accurately determines packing and shipping rates in real-time. 


ShipHawk’s hardware-free dimensional packing solution makes sure every order is packed in the optimal box. Whether you are being charged for weight or dim-weight, you can be confident that you’re paying the carrier the best price for your shipment.


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Accelerate order processing with automated rating

Streamline order fulfillment with automated rating. ShipHawk’s multi-carrier rating logic allows you to provide an optimal delivery experience for the lowest cost. Automatically rate all of your orders and optimize for:


  • Cost
  • Time
  • Service level
  • Carrier
  • Carrier type


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Real-time shipping data & analytics

Give your team the power to make data-driven decisions and improve customer communication. Leverage your own fulfillment data and pack/ship station setup in real-time. 


  • Quickly process orders
  • Print shipping documents
  • Access custom reporting
  • Utilize on-brand track and trace
  • Accurately accrue costs 


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More than an API call

Shipping APIs built to scale.


By removing human decision-making steps with automation, our software has improved throughput by 300% while reducing shipping costs by 25% in many high-volume operations. In fact, one of our customers scaled their business on our platform from startup to billion-dollar unicorn, opening one new warehouse every quarter, without having to worry about system scalability, fulfillment downtime, or optimal order routing.


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Connect to your business systems

Seamless integration in your shopping cart, ERP or WMS.


ShipHawk connects to the systems you’re already using, either with an ERP plugin, eCommerce plugin or via REST API. Display accurate rates, apply shipping rules or business logic and write information back to your ERP in real-time.


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