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Multi-carrier Rating

Always make the best shipping decision. Rate both parcel and freight in one multi-carrier platform.

Nowadays, time is as precious as ever for businesses all across the country. You want to ensure that every minute of your staff’s time is spent doing impactful and rewarding work. With that said, there are still a large number of businesses manually searching for the perfect shipping carrier for each and every order in order to save on their bottom line. Thanks to ShipHawk, businesses are able to set up rules to automate which carrier is selected and why helping your staff get more time back in their day while ensuring that your business chooses the shipping carrier that makes the most sense. Let’s transform the world behind the buy button with ShipHawk!

Always choose the right carrier and service

Easily add your negotiated rates. Let ShipHawk automatically select the right carrier and service for each shipment. Rate FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and over 250 parcel, LTL, and specialty carriers.

Multi-carrier network
TMS shipping software to access carrier websites

Stop logging into carrier websites one at a time

Eliminate manual quoting with ShipHawk. Access your carriers in one place to get rates, book shipments, and manage your orders. Reduce errors and avoid duplicate entry.

Access shipping rates anywhere you need them

Use our RESTful API to present rates where you need them most, whether that’s in the shopping cart or in your back-office CRM, ERP, or WMS.

shipping API to access rates
multi-carrier rating to streamline order fulfillment

Streamline order fulfillment

Automatically rate all of your orders and make consistent shipping decisions. ShipHawk’s multi-carrier rating logic allows you to receive an optimal delivery experience for the lowest cost.

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