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Shipping Automation

Automate your processes from rating to reconciliation to reduce costs and improve efficiency

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Identify best rates

Get fully landed real-time shipping costs at point-of-sale

  • Automatic Carrier Selection

    Platform selects the best route and carrier combinations from first-mile through last.

  • Full Packing and Packaging Automation

    Recommends the best boxes for single and multiple items, as well as the right pallet configuration for larger shipments.

Documentation & Dispatch

Documentation & Dispatch

Everything you need to ship your products.

  • Creates Shipping Labels and Bills of Lading (BOLs)

    Auto-generated based on shopping cart information for speed and accuracy.

  • Books and Dispatches at Purchase

    Orders are booked when customer makes a purchase and dispatched from point-of-origin.



Never miss a beat. Track your items from point-of-sale to delivery, regardless of how they are shipped.

  • Standardized Statuses

    All information is provided in a consistent format making it easy to understand.

  • Exception Management

    The ShipHawk Platform tracks orders against commitments with exceptions flagged for action.



Automate post-shipment bill reconciliation.

  • Automatically Identify Discrepancies

    Set simple approval rules for minor discrepancies. Notifications are sent when bills don’t match expected costs so you can focus on the exceptions.

  • Verify costs and Service Levels

    Identify missed service commitments so you can request refunds.

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Manage your end-to end-shipping experience through a single, unified interface.

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