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Improve Your Customer Experience

Increase customer satisfaction and cart conversion with a seamless buyer experience

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On demand shipping rates in the cart

Use ShipHawk to apply the right pricing strategy and increase conversions.

  • Know your costs at point-of-sale

    Rates for packed and unpacked items, shipped parcel or freight.

  • Seamless integration into your shopping cart

    Display directly or apply shipping policies based on order information.

  • Expand customer options

    ShipHawk offers a range of options by speed, service, and special delivery to ensure you’re hitting your customer’s needs.

Let customers track their own orders

Keep customers in the know and support costs down

  • Tracking widget

    Show live shipping status on order confirmation page or any place you choose.

  • Status emails

    Proactively include customers on shipping status updates.

  • Standardized experience

    Offer a consistent experience across parcel, LTL, home delivery, etc.

Service and delivery options

Personalize the delivery experience to meet buyers’ individual needs

  • Speed, cost and service tiers

    Provide multiple options to customers or choose the best option for that order.

  • Baseline quality bar

    Set a minimum service based on carriers or requirements.

  • Customize your own network

    Optimize for best service provider by region, cost and services offered.

The white glove experience

Give your customers what they want, without the added headache.

Automate your white glove process.

  • Home delivery

    Seamlessly add White Glove options such as in-house delivery at point-of-sale.

  • Expand nationwide

    Augment your own delivery assets to complete a nationwide network.

  • On demand, expedited and more

    Test or integrate alternative providers for faster or customized solutions.

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