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Fulfillment Efficiency Scorecard

Get your 23-point fulfillment diagnostic

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Stop losing money on fulfillment

Our Fulfillment Efficiency Scorecard shows you why your company is losing money in the fulfillment process so you can:

  • Get clarity
  • Fix what’s wrong
  • Substantially reduce your costs


How it works

Simply request your Fulfillment Efficiency Scorecard and we do the rest. We perform a complete analysis of your distribution process across all five key functional areas of fulfillment and prepare a comprehensive report outlining areas for improvement with custom step-by-step recommendations.

Efficiency with or without robots
Shipping Documentation Illustration

The five areas of order fulfillment

  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Ship
  • Track
  • Sync 


Each aspect has crucial elements you need to run an efficient operation, 23 in total. Schedule a call to get a free 23-point fulfillment diagnostic on your business.

What's in it for you

  • Uncover opportunities for cost savings, speed, and efficiency with data-driven analysis
  • Compare your company to the best-run fulfillment operations with performance benchmarks
  • Custom recommendations based on your results
The Result of Warehouse Automation

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