Feature Releases – August 17, 2017

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Feature Release – August 17, 2017

Hi, Here are a few of the feature releases for the week.

Requirement 1: Expand Reports – child tracking numbers, shipment creator and last modified

  1. Added 3 new columns to the reports CSV:  Shipment Creator, Last Modified, Child Tracking Number
    1. Shipment Creator: Will show the users email who created shipment
    2. Last Modified: Will show the last modified date and time
    3. Child Tracking Number: User will now be able to see child tracking numbers for shipments with multiple packages


Requirement 2: Ability to edit products direct from product list page (beta)

  1. User will now be able to add/edit product information including:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Item Data (dims, weight, etc.)
    • Customs Information


Requirement 3: User should be able to select shipments and print aggregate labels from the shipment history page or from the batch shipments page.

  1. User can select a subset of the batch and generate an aggregate label (on-demand)
    1. User can aggregate labels for any subset in the list after the offending label
    2. User can subdivide the batch result into smaller collections, whereby they can print smaller aggregates